First Sunday Open House and Demonstration

Learn about the history and customs of early America by joining us on the first Sunday of each month at the Knauss Homestead

Open house tours at 12-1 pm and demonstrations at 1-3 pm 

Week 1 Sunday, June 2:  Building a home in Colonial America
     Includes history before the Knauss Haus
     Shows boys how they made tools
     Demonstrates food that girls made with water from the creek 

Week 2 Sunday, July 7:  Schooling in Early America
      This is where your writing and diary class comes in
       Demonstrate quilting for the girls, barn designing for the boys 

Week 3 Sunday, August 4:  Making food in colonial times
       They get to interpret a recipe and take it home to bake 

Week 4  Sunday, September 1:  Holidays and games Moravian style